About Us

About Us

Our purpose leads to the advancement of technology in our products arena and thus contributing the comfort and enhancement to the existence of human life. Seeks always to be considered as the major contributor to the Industry economically and comfort with import substitute.

Dedicated to the development of technology through scientific excellence and innovations. Makes life many to all those who are connected with us. Provides perfect working environment and seeks to be the most preferred organization to work with.

To patronize the technological education and awareness among the interested.

MISATU is committed to continuous quality improvement programmers in all areas in order to provide product and service excellence to customers. In addition, we continue to invest in advanced technology, so that we may continue to improve our processes and systems.

Our understanding of material technology coupled with many years of field experience and applications know - how, results in manufacturing products which perform above expectations over long service times. The fundamental requirement of any quality prodcut are quite simply Performance capability and long-term reliability.

Our products Gas Regulator, Electrode Holder, Cylinder Manifold, Welding Troch must perform to the current carrying capacity for which they are designed yet be equal to the hostile environmental conditions to which they are exposed.

R & D This is the pride of Misatu Weldequip Pvt.Ltd. It houses state-of-the-art technology, Well-established Infrastructure to provide technology and develop breakthroughs.

The main activity of the technocrat teams at R & D include designing & developing new products, improve quality and evolving new techniques to enhance efficiency in order to keep the company abreast of international technological developments.